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It happened somewhere in the spring of 2003. The idea of ​​a successful business was growing more and more, in which all the parties involved had to win. A business model based on trust, with people of confidence, integrity, dedicated to the cause, fully involved. That's how the HIRSH philosophy came about. This is what HIRSH is today. An idea transformed into an ideal. At that time, the HIRSH code of ethics was issued, so that everyone involved knew the rules from the beginning. Thus, HIRSH would become a successful real estate company, with unmatched real estate services, based entirely on the integrity of those involved. Globally, the idea has been fully felt: over 250 real estate agencies opened in just 2 years, in 4 countries: Israel, Czech Republic, Russia and Romania. With the global crisis, HIRSH was forced to drastically reduce operational units in the affected countries. But, the company's philosophy of not giving up has caused HIRSH to return to the values ​​that enshrined it and to become the No. 1 company in the preferences of people around the world. Today HIRSH offers the most modern means of property promotion; it offers franchisees and collaborators direct access to the most advanced trainings supported by successful real estate agents around the world, it offers owners and buyers premium services at minimum prices. But most importantly, HIRSH offers quality through human factor and security in transactions. With HIRSH alongside you, as a buyer, you can rest assured that you will never pay a higher price than the market at that time; As an owner you will be sure that you will also receive the correct price. For over 17 years, HIRSH has been offering exceptional real estate services. In Bucharest, London, Kiev, Jerusalem, Prague, Athens, Madrid, New York, Milan or Paris, you will find the same professional agents, completely dedicated to your project.