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Green View - 3 rooms with lake view and access

Bucuresti, Baneasa

119.500€ + TVA
ID: P90 27 TOP Exclusivitate
  • Nr. camere:3
  • S. utila:72.00 mp
  • S. construita:100.00 mp
  • Comp.:Decomandat
  • Confort:1
  • Etaj:Etaj 1
  • Nr. bucatarii:1
  • Nr. bai:2
  • Nr. balcoane:2
  • An constructie:2020
  • Structura:Beton
  • Tip imobil:Bloc
  • Regim inaltime:S+P+4
  • Orientare:Sud

The Green View Apartments complex is located on the road. Bucharest Târgoviște 9F, opposite the Doi Cocoși restaurant. Although public transport stops right in front of the complex and the metro station is a 5-minute walk away, the complex is located in a quiet area, with views and access to the lake. It consists of 2 boutique blocks, both with Ug + Gf + 4F, with 2 and 3 room apartments, detached, apartments with generous terraces on the ground floor and duplexes on the top 2 floors and parking spaces in the basement. Both blocks will have 3 apartments each level, being served by state-of-the-art Schindler elevators.
The apartments will be equipped with their own gas central heating and underfloor heating, PVC joinery with trypan glass.
It is also important that all future owners will have access to the garden (garden that will be arranged in the part between the block and the lake) and implicitly to the lake.

At this point you can make reservations and choose the finishes, the first body - the body from the lake - is already raised.

The 3-room apartment overlooking the lake is available on the 1st and 2nd floors and has an area of ​​100 square meters to which we add 2 balconies - the living room and the master bedroom - where you can see the lake.

Other apartments available:
Ground floor: 3 rooms with lake view, with terrace of 30 meters + 100 sqm of yard: 199,500 Eur + VAT
Ground floor: 3 rooms with terrace of 75 meters: 165,000 Eur + VAT

Floor 1,2: 2 separate rooms, 67,900 Eur + VAT
Floor 1,2: 2 detached rooms, 65 sqm, 83,000 Eur + VAT

Floor 3: 3 rooms overlooking the lake, detached, 2 balconies, 130,000 Eur + VAT
Floor 3: 3 detached rooms, front view, 115,000 Eur + VAT

Floor 4 + 4R: Duplex, 4 rooms, lake view, 240,000 Eur + VAT
Floor 4 + 4R: Duplex, 3 rooms, front view, 210,000 Eur + VAT.

* Prices are indicative, changes may occur at any time.

For any other details we are at your disposal.

Exclusive agent: HIRSH ROMANIA

  • Utilitati generale: Curent, Apa, Canalizare, Gaz
  • Sistem incalzire: Centrala proprie, Incalzire pardoseala
  • Izolatii exterior: Exterior, Bloc izolat termic
  • Pereti: Vopsea lavabila, Faianta
  • Podele: Parchet, Gresie
  • Stare: Finisat
  • Ferestre: PVC
  • Usa intrare: Metal
  • Usa interior: Lemn
  • Bucatarie: Nemobilata, Neutilata
  • Contorizare: Apometre, Contor gaz
  • Mobilat: Nemobilat
  • Imobil: Interfon, Lift, Curte, Curte comuna

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Remus Marinate